Automated E2E testing with Playwright and Python


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In a world where we need to guarantee the quality of our product, automating tests to be able to follow workflows in agile environments is fundamental. In this 30-minute talk, I invite you to get to know the universe of Playwright combined with the power of Python, which is a tool with a lot of projection in the market. We will start by exploring the fundamentals of Playwright, unveiling what makes it so unique, how we can easily install it and automate a test case hand in hand with PyTest. We will explore together the options that Playwright gives us for the ability to run our tests in multiple browsers, take screenshots, video and emulate mobile views for testing responsive designs. But we won't stop there, we will explore how to empower your test scripts with the “Page Object Model” design pattern, a practice that improves code maintainability and facilitates collaboration in development teams. Also, how we can consume information through the “fixtures” provided by PyTest. Whether you are a QA engineer or a developer looking to improve the quality of your projects, this talk will provide you with practical tools and essential knowledge to add efficient E2E testing into your development workflow. You can view the repository with the structure I have designed for this talk at: