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Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro Sánchez Yalí has been passionate about technology and programming since an early age. For him, programming is more than a job or a hobby; it is a way to express himself and bring his ideas to life. With a background in mathematics and a solid experience as a full-stack software developer, he has been involved in a variety of projects, from video conferencing applications to online poker platforms and NFTs marketplaces. In addition to his work as a developer, Alejandro has shared his knowledge and passion through teaching and writing. He has taught university courses in mathematics, physics and programming, and has advised theses on topics such as category theory applied to supervised learning algorithms. He has also written technical articles for his company's blog, addressing topics such as building modular arithmetic libraries in Python and building conversational avatars with technologies such as Azure Cognitive and OpenAI. With a strong academic background that includes a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics Education and a master's degree in Mathematics, Alejandro has combined his passion for mathematics with his interest in programming and technology throughout his career. His motto “If I program then I exist” reflects his belief in the transformative power of programming to shape the world around us.